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RFID helps create intelligent storage

Time:2022-08-20 Views:2

RFID helps create intelligent storage

RFID technology has many advantages, such as long identification distance, simultaneous identification of multiple tags, fast collection, not easy to damage, large capacity and so on. It has become a new choice and direction of warehouse logistics management. It ensures the high efficiency and accuracy of data in all aspects of warehouse management by automating data collection in all operation links such as arrival inspection, warehousing, delivery, transfer, stock transfer and inventory counting. It can timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, reasonably maintain and control enterprise inventory, and make warehouse management transparent and more efficient.

The intelligent storage system is mainly designed with RFID technology as the core, assisted by information technology means, to provide the storage enterprise with an overall solution for data collection, information processing, cargo safety, operation process, storage management and other services. To help storage enterprises reflect the status of inventory materials in real time, monitor the warehousing, delivery and warehousing of inventory materials, and realize the comprehensive control and management of warehousing operations.

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