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RFID intelligent campus to build real-time communication and education information interaction platform

Time:2021-06-09 Views:136

RFID intelligent campus to build real-time communication and education information interaction platform

Campus is densely populated with talents, and personnel positioning is a very important part of campus management system. Most of the traditional personnel positioning systems use active card swiping, which requires personnel to swipe their cards in front of the card reader with their student cards. This traditional personnel positioning system has the following disadvantages:

1. First of all, it is impossible to record and track the students‘ class time in and out of each classroom / office, and it is impossible to grasp the students‘ whereabouts at any time.

2. For the campus, the number of personnel is very large, especially in the peak period of classes, all students need to line up to swipe cards in a very short time, which will waste a lot of time;

3. When swiping the card, you must take out the card and put it back in your pocket after swiping the card. It is not only easy to cause wear and tear, but also easy to damage and lose the card;

4. It is not only a waste of time, but also not humanized;

In order to solve the above problems, this system based on RFID technology, combined with automatic control technology, computer technology, wireless communication technology, provides a set of feasible, cost-effective, safe and reliable personnel positioning scheme for campus logistics management.

Around the campus information, it realizes the information collection, campus announcement and meeting notice, grade class information management, dormitory management, attendance management, home school communication and other information functions, and timely feeds back the abnormal situation of students‘ leaving and arriving at school, daily situation of learning, examination, homework, comments, canteen menu and so on through short messages, so as to realize the convenience and real-time of school parents Education information interactive platform for communication.

It creates a scientific, fast and harmonious digital home school interactive information link for schools, parents and society, greatly improves the level of education information management, reduces the workload of teachers, enhances parents‘ immediate understanding of children‘s learning in school, and more effectively cooperates with school education management.