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The use of smart home

Time:2021-06-28 Views:96

The use of smart home

It is understood that at the 2014 CES meeting, LG, Hisense and other companies applied NFC technology to smart white goods. Users can use wireless signals to control home appliances through mobile terminals with NFC functions within a certain range, thereby achieving human-machine control. With the transformation of machine-to-machine automatic control, in the future, it can also form interconnection and mutual control with home smart devices such as electronic tags, sensing systems, and personal health care equipment.

In addition, according to industry data surveys, global NFC smartphone shipments were about 100 million units in 2012, with a penetration rate of about 18%. The penetration rate data for the next two years is expected to reach 30% and 50%. In addition, there is news recently that the iPhone 6 built-in NFC technology may be settled this year.

So what exactly is NFC technology? NFC technology evolved from non-contact radio frequency identification. It is a short-distance high-frequency radio technology jointly developed by Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), Nokia, and Sony. Near-field wireless communication between devices, consumer electronics, PCs and smart control tools provides a simple, touch-sensitive solution that allows consumers to exchange information, access content and services simply and intuitively.

As NFC technology is a brand new short-range wireless communication technology, it has unique security advantages, fast connection, low cost, etc. With NFC technology, the smart home system greatly improves the response speed, simplifies the tedious steps quickly, and users only need to be smart You can easily handle all programs by waving your phone. And it can realize the smart home control based on NFC mobile phone. The principle is that the smart home device is wirelessly connected to the mobile phone with the NFC card reader through the Zigbee module, and the card reader in the mobile phone exchanges data with the NFC smart card to obtain the previous preset There are a variety of functional data, so as to control the smart home device to perform related operations through the wireless network.

Through the above smart home operating system based on NFC technology, the smart home life can be realized more easily and conveniently. For example, in the early morning, the owner rushed to work in a hurry. When going out, he used his mobile phone to "swipe" the door lock. Within 1-2 seconds, the doors and windows were closed, the electrical appliances and lights in the house were turned off, and the smart security function started; When the mobile phone "leans" on the table, the wall lamp is turned off, and the chandelier is turned on; after dinner, just wave the mobile phone to the TV and the chandelier will be turned off immediately, the wall lamp will be turned on, and the TV will play.

With the promotion of wireless technologies such as Zigbee, z-wave, etc., wireless smart homes have the characteristics of no wiring, easy installation, and scalability, which greatly reduces the cost of smart home landing. NFC technology is widely used in smart devices to realize The interactive communication between them further simplifies the operation method and enhances the smart home control experience. I believe that in the future, more devices with NFC technology will be launched to improve the interaction between devices and simplify people‘s lives.