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RFID smart retail makes fast fashion brand faster

Time:2021-06-28 Views:92

RFID smart retail solution helps mjstyle to effectively and accurately control sample clothing design, factory production, warehousing logistics, store sales and other links, and helps mjstyle to effectively implement intelligent supply chain management and smart store management. By improving the management efficiency and level, mjstyle has stronger competitiveness and advantages in the field of fast fashion, and creates a brand image closer to consumers.

01 intelligent supply chain management

RFID electronic tag gives each clothing product a unique identification (one item, one code). The tag will follow and record the whole process data from sample design, mass production, warehousing and logistics to store sales.

RFID equipment and RFID smart clothing software system realize the single grade management of the whole industry chain. Starting from the management dimension of single product, the solution solves the difficulties of sample management, and maximizes the use and protection of enterprise design assets; at the same time, it also solves the management difficulties of bulk product transportation, storage, inventory, receipt and delivery, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of enterprise digital management, and greatly reduces the human cost and management cost.

Intelligent supply chain management can also provide data support for stores and Bi decisions. Through logistics big data analysis supply decision-making, through the rate of customers entering the store to analyze the formulation of marketing strategy, through the estimation and test of wear rate data collection and prediction of design elements, style and popular money, through the customer purchase rate and shopping basket analysis of product structure management.

02 intelligent store management

The integrated design of RFID and eas improves the reuse rate of tags, reduces the rate of goods damage, and improves the efficiency of store harvest, delivery, inventory and inspection. In addition, RFID cash register integrated device and intelligent cash register system can realize batch reading of goods, improve settlement efficiency, save settlement time for customers, and improve the shopping experience of customers in the whole store.

According to statistics, in terms of warehouse management, the efficiency of receipt and delivery of RFID smart retail solution has been improved by 200% and the accuracy has exceeded 99%; the efficiency of RFID batch cash receiving has been improved by 50% with wireless reading, no unpacking and automation; the efficiency of receiving and checking goods in stores has been increased by 200%, and the cost of manpower and material resources has been reduced by 50%.

In addition, in the store management, the store does not unpack the goods and reads in batches, which improves the efficiency by 300%; the inventory of goods in the store is shortened from two days to two hours, and the inventory cycle can realize weekly inventory, and the inventory information is clear and transparent.