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Application of Internet of things RFID sensor in new retail smart store

Time:2021-06-28 Views:91

Compared with traditional stores, new retail smart stores are more consumer-oriented. According to the shopping process of consumers, new retail smart stores can be divided into four modules:

1. From the beginning of consumers entering the store, improve the comprehensive recognition rate of single customer through intelligent WiFi, face recognition, RFID technology, etc., and obtain consumer information and data.

2. After consumers enter the store, smart shopping guide will be launched, such as smart dressing glasses, smart dressing mirror for beauty, and intelligent shelves. They can improve the volume and conversion rate of the whole store, and at the same time, even if there is no transaction, they can retain data for secondary reach and marketing.

3. Consumers choose the goods and leave directly. They use electronic tags to realize fast cash collection. In addition to cash collection, electronic tags can comprehensively improve the operation efficiency of stores: fast receipt, quick inventory, quick search, and comprehensive realization of intelligent transaction and payment.

4. After the consumer left, the new retail store did not end the process. Through RFID, electronic scanning and other technologies to collect consumer data, attention data, product data, etc., after consumers leave the store, they can continuously reach the consumers when they put on new products and have marketing activities, so as to realize secondary marketing.