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Industry information

Intelligent settlement system of smart restaurant based on RFID

Time:2021-11-12 Views:335

Intelligent settlement system of smart restaurant based on RFID

Based on RFID equipment and tableware with RFID chip, a settlement table with sensing function is added in the cashier area to complete the intelligent settlement of dining cashier,. Compared with the traditional queuing checkout, it can shorten the checkout time to the greatest extent, improve the work efficiency of the restaurant, save the number of employees, reduce the operating cost, improve the management performance, improve the service quality, and realize good human-computer interaction.

Project introduction

1、 Project overview

The smart restaurant system consists of tableware with RFID chip, production machine and settlement desk. Including data acquisition and data processing.

2、 Project details

1. Tableware with RFID chip

The RFID chip is encapsulated into the widely used canteen tableware through packaging compression technology. RFID chip can store a small amount of necessary information, so as to endow common tableware with unique identity information

2. Production machine

Components: RFID reader + LED display + keys

Working principle: the information of the encapsulated tableware is obtained through the RFID reader and written into the price of the food at that time, so as to facilitate the settlement at the later settlement desk. The display shows the amount written.

3. Settlement desk

Components: RFID reader + host + Display + camera

Working principle: 1. Data acquisition part. The RFID reader reads the information of the encapsulated tableware and transmits it to the host for data processing. 2. Data processing part. The host screens and matches the received information, and displays the type of dishes selected by the user and the corresponding nutritional analysis on the display. 3. Users can use a variety of settlement methods. Such as IC card, 6C card, Alipay, WeChat, face recognition and so on.

4. Access door

Components: RFID reader + infrared, etc

Working principle: the user triggers the infrared through the channel door and wakes up the RFID reader to detect whether the items in the tray have been settled.

Relevant evaluation information

1. Technical capacity (35%)

Products lead the development of the industry, study the future direction of the industry, and obtain a number of patents for innovation points. The company has studied RFID technology for 15 years, and the smart dinner plate project is only a simple application of the company‘s products.

2. Commercial capacity (40%)

1 the RFID customers accumulated by the company are customers of the smart plate, and the extension of the original enterprise management system is the top 2 talents. The Internet plus the 3 way of thinking is the 3 company‘s entrance to the Internet.

3. Team ability (25%)

The R & D team has 15 years of experience in the industry, with a graduate degree or above. Regular enterprise training and development, team members put the company‘s own home and the spirit of ownership in every corner of the company.