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Application of UHF RFID medical blood management system

Time:2022-05-07 Views:96

Application of UHF RFID medical blood management system

Blood therapy is a very important medical treatment method. When patients are dying, fresh blood can directly save individual lives. On the contrary, improper storage of blood is also one of the medical problems. The deterioration and infection of blood cause AIDS and liver infectious diseases from time to time. Therefore, the collection, storage, transportation and use of blood need to be strictly controlled to ensure blood safety and prevent the situation caused by artificial management factors.

The general process of blood management is from blood donation registration management, physical examination, blood sample safety detection, blood collection to blood warehousing management, blood outbound registration to final use of blood. In this complete process, blood is often recorded through a variety of data, including the identity information of blood donors, the type and quality of blood itself, the time and place of blood collection, and the information records of blood ex warehouse and in warehouse. The recording of a large amount of information and the external environmental conditions during blood transfer affect the final application of blood. Once there is a deviation, it will affect the life, health and safety of patients. RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through RF signals. There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process. The use of RFID technology to supervise blood quality can ensure the transparency and safety of the whole process of blood use, realize the scientization and informatization of blood management, and promote the comprehensive informatization of scientific medical treatment.